A Turning Point In Your Life

Turning Point

Turning Point, located at 415 Broadway in Paducah (next to Four Rivers Behavioral Health in downtown) is part of Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s comprehensive substance use disorder treatment services and was established to provide easy access to those in recovery with a focus on those who are just learning to live a sober life. Recovery is a life-long commitment and many of those new to recovery need support and guidance along the way.  Our staff are constantly reaching out to the Recovery Community and area professionals through speaking engagements, community group meetings and learning events to ensure that those who need a steady hand in recovery know where to turn.

Turning Point is unique in that the program is designed around the concept of Peer Support. Staff at Turning Point have personal experience with substance use disorders and can offer guidance and support from a “been there, done that” perspective.


During this time of social distancing, we would like you to know that we are still here to help you through your recovery process. Turning Point offers on-line meetings and peer driven services remotely. To ensure that you are staying connected. We also offer Telephone Recovery Support, Video Peer Support, one-on-ones and you can attend an online meeting hosted by Turning Point staff.

Social distancing is important but so is your recovery.


For more information about our online recovery services or to sign up for support, visit https://linktr.ee/frbhrcc


How Turning Point Meets the Needs of the Recovery Community

Recovery Coaching and Supports
Turning Point will offer Peer Support Services, recovery groups, skill groups and individual support. Turning Point also will provide individual follow up services.

Relapse Refocus
At Turning Point we can provide coaching led by Peer Support Specialists. Coaching will focus on identifying and correcting problems for those who find maintaining recovery difficult. A individualized plan of action will be developed with the client and Turning Point staff will provide guidance throughout the refocus process.

Resources and Referrals
Turning Point maintains up-to-date information on resources available to assist with a variety of recovery-focused needs. Staff also can provide referrals to area medical and behavioral healthcare providers.

On-site Learning Lab
Turning Point has a multi-station computer lab and staff are available to assist clients with job applications, resumes, obtaining a GED, online skills development and more. In addition, we work closely with area colleges and adult education providers to give Turning Point program participants a number of education options.

For more information about Turning Point or any of our other Substance Use Disorder treatment options, contact Four Rivers Behavioral Health at 270.442.7121 or complete the information request form below.

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Through our Center for Specialized Addiction Services, we offer Hazelden Betty Ford’s COR-12 Program as part of the many substance abuse treatment options available to our clients. We know from experience that recovery is stronger than addiction. For more than 50 years, we’ve helped men, women, teens, families and communities find freedom from addiction.

This site includes information from Hazelden Betty Ford, a leader in treatment of substance use disorders. Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s COR-12 program is based on the Hazelden Betty Ford program and Four Rivers Behavioral Heath staff have been trained by Hazelden Betty Ford to work with clients using the COR-12 methodology. Test.