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Can You Grieve Someone While They’re Still Alive?

Have you ever grieved for someone nodding off across the room from you? I have. I remember looking at our son and thinking, “Where are you? Where have you buried that easy smile and gentle spirit?” There is no other word for it but grief when your child is lost in the...

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Casey’s Law

“My son died of a drug overdose – and it didn’t have to happen.” That thought is what pushed Charlotte Wethington to action and what still drives her today. Wethington’s son Casey was an energetic young man who enjoyed life until it was taken by drugs. As a boy, he...

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Dangers of Overdose

Overdose can happen with many drugs. But opioid overdose can be especially dangerous, particularly among people who relapse after a period of sobriety because tolerance changes over time. Here’s what Dr. Joseph Lee, medical director at Hazelden, has to say about...

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Addiction Is a Family Disease

You’ve probably heard the saying “Addiction is a family disease.” Like any illness, addiction causes confusion and a host of varied reactions from those who care about you. Your family may resent you for the hurt your addiction caused them or for the fear they felt...

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Know New Freedom

The Twelve Promises of sobriety describe the benefits you will gain if you work hard on the Twelve Steps. The promises you will say: Know a new freedom and happiness. Not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it. Comprehend the word serenity and know peace....

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Deepen Self-Esteem

  Self-esteem is a sense of confidence, self-respect, and satisfaction with oneself. It is important to your recovery because it reflects your thoughts and feelings about your sense of self-worth. If you usually have positive thoughts about yourself, your...

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National Overdose Awareness Day

What are Opioids? Opioids is an umbrella term for natural or synthetic drugs that are derived from – or related to – the opium poppy. Opioids attach to receptors in the central nervous system, reducing pain signals to the brain. Commonly used opioids include...

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Heroin and Prescription Painkillers

Opioid Basics Highly addictive and relatively easy to obtain, prescription painkillers quickly became one of the most abused drugs in the United States during the late 1990s and 2000s. As these drugs have become more expensive and harder to access, many people...

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Nation’s Most Serious Drug Problem

Opioid addiction has a severe and costly impact on users’ health and lives and the lives of their family members. Communities that would have never dreamed of seeing heroin destroying their children’s lives ten years ago are seeing it happen today. These drugs...

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Opioids Are Highly Addictive

Opioids are extremely addictive because they activate the same receptors in our brains that react to endorphins, the “feel-good” chemical naturally produced in the brain when we do something pleasurable, like exercise or have sex. Endorphins relieve pain, reduce...

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Who Uses Opioids?

Many people begin taking an opioid for a very legitimate reason: They’re highly effective at relieving acute pain. When recovering from surgery or an accident, these drugs can be life-changing, and most people who follow their prescription and doctor’s recommendations...

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Opioid Addiction Cost Communities

Communities affected by opioid addiction pay a high price in terms of legal expenses, law enforcement, workplace costs, hospitalizations, and deaths. Whether directly affected by addiction in the family or in the form of higher taxes and medical costs, everyone is...

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Four Rivers Behavioral Health, through our Center for Specialized Addiction Services offers Hazelden Betty Ford’s COR-12 Program as part of the many substance abuse treatment options available to our clients.

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Through our Center for Specialized Addiction Services, we offer Hazelden Betty Ford’s COR-12 Program as part of the many substance abuse treatment options available to our clients. We know from experience that recovery is stronger than addiction. For more than 50 years, we’ve helped men, women, teens, families and communities find freedom from addiction.