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FRBH Services

Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers a variety of substance abuse programs for both Adults and adolescents.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Center for Specialized Addiction Services offers additional substance abuse treatment programs.

Our Intensive Substance Abuse Program is available for those involved in the court system, have a history of legal problems related to substance abuse or have failed at other treatment efforts.

We also offer DUI Programs for clients seeking to examine and change high-risk behavior. These classes are offered on an ongoing basis.

The Center for Specialized Addiction Services also provides outpatient care for those with a substance abuse problem. Services can include individual or group therapy as well as a comprehensive assessment before treatment begins to determine the services that would be most beneficial.

One of the many substance abuse programs we offer in addition to COR-12 is the KY-Moms Program. KY-Moms was developed to help soon-to-be and recent mothers reduce harm to themselves and their children that come from maternal substance use during and after pregnancy.

KY-Moms helps you find the resources you need to ensure the health of your baby. Program staff provides a caring, non-judgmental environment that gives mothers ongoing support during pregnancy and post-partum.

KY-Moms offers prenatal education and early intervention to improve a mother’s emotional, social and physical well-being.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health programs are billable to most insurance companies. We will work with your insurance provider to determine what services are covered.

If you have a substance abuse problem, the most important step you can take is to get help. This brochure outlines just one of the many programs available.

For more information about the COR-12 Program or any of our substance abuse services, contact Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Center for Specialized Addiction Services at 270.442.8039 or visit our website at

Over two million Americans either abuse or are dependent on prescription opioid painkillers. The scope and wreckage of drug addiction have never been more glaring – let us help you break the cycle.

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Four Rivers Behavioral Health

Through our Center for Specialized Addiction Services, we offer Hazelden Betty Ford’s COR-12 Program as part of the many substance abuse treatment options available to our clients. We know from experience that recovery is stronger than addiction. For more than 50 years, we’ve helped men, women, teens, families and communities find freedom from addiction.

This site includes information from Hazelden Betty Ford, a leader in treatment of substance use disorders. Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s COR-12 program is based on the Hazelden Betty Ford program and Four Rivers Behavioral Heath staff have been trained by Hazelden Betty Ford to work with clients using the COR-12 methodology. Test.