By Angie Rogers

Freedom. It is a strong word and something we often take for granted. Imagine living a life free from running, free from searching. A life free from waking up needing opiates to feel even partially human. A life free from losing everything. A life with the opportunity to gain back things you have lost. A life free from worrying if the next shot of heroin or the next pill you take could be the one that kills you. A life free from active opioid addiction. A life that allows you to live without desperation, surrounded by darkness. You may not know where to start, but we do.

Your opportunity is here and your time is NOW. Let us help you regain your freedom.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers the COR-12: Comprehensive Opioid Response program. COR-12 has three tracks of treatment, including a medication-assisted treatment track if appropriate. This program takes a whole mind, body and spirit approach to help you reach your goals of living an opioid abuse-free life.

A clinically trained therapist will work closely with you through multiple weekly groups and individual therapy sessions to tailor the program to meet your specific needs. A qualified physician oversees medication management and meets with you regularly to monitor progress.

You have a TEAM of professionals who are compassionate and eager to help you in your journey toward a life free from the pain of active opioid addiction.

You may be asking, “Could this really work?” The answer is YES.

Call us today to take that first step on the road to recovery. You will not walk alone.

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